Your DailyBreath Forecast!

Welcome to the product landing page for DailyBreath, a personal asthma warning system based on a learning system for your triggers. 

Too many asthma sufferers believe they are at the mercy of the weather and the environment.  Too many are uncertain of the day’s outdoor conditions that may impact their asthma. Too many are unprepared for the unintended consequences of not being informed, aware, and empowered. 

Each person is sensitive to exposures differently and thus each asthma patient is individually susceptible to a given set of weather and environmental conditions.  To change the way an asthma patient perceives weather, air pollution, and pollen forecasting, we’ve introduced the DailyBreath Forecast.

The DailyBreath Forecast projects a risk index based on the convergence of weather and environmental exposure thresholds that increase the relative risk of a patient experiencing symptoms or a flare-up.  As a learning system for triggers based on real-world evidence, the goal is to provide each individual DailyBreath user with their own personalized DailyBreath Risk Index every day.

Isn’t it time for a forecast relevant to your experience of asthma, not just an exposure measurement, but a rich understanding of how you experience the environment around you.  One that is aimed at producing better health outcomes for asthma patients; less symptoms, less attacks, less ER visits, less costs, less burden. 

If you have asthma, wouldn’t you want to learn your DailyBreath Forecast before you start your day? 

Download the beta iOS version of DailyBreath by texting ‘DBNOW’ to 41411.



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