Monday, November 27, 2017 – Most parts of the country have experienced their first frost of the year, signaling the end of a longer allergy season than usual because of lingering warm temperatures.  While 75% of asthma patients have allergies and the absence of pollen would lead many to lower their guard in the winter, there are still specific weather conditions that can cause asthma attacks.

Bitterly cold temperatures, dry air, and quick changes in temperature all contribute to pose risks to asthma patients.  It’s not entirely clear which is the prevailing condition that causes distress.  It could be one of the above or the convergence of two or all three conditions.  What’s clear though is these conditions cause an asthma patients’ airways to constrict rapidly in a way that can often lead to an attack.

Our evidence-based research completed by CASE Consultants International confirmed the impact of cold temperatures on asthma attacks as increased asthma attacks and ER visits were recorded on days when temperatures fell below freezing.  This evidence factored out significant air quality impacts, but without real world evidence, we really don’t know what we don’t know.

DailyBreath, is targeted at becoming the ‘Waze’ for Asthma, so that asthma patients can help other asthma patients avoid asthma attacks.  It’s only by crowd sourcing flare-ups and collecting real world evidence that we can help asthm patients avoid asthma attacks and contribute to a great understanding of the real weather and environmental risks that asthma patient encounter every day.

While winter will see less incidences associated with asthma, the sooner you download DailyBreath, the quicker we’ll be able to start gathering the real word evidence for asthma attacks that are impacted by cold weather, dry air, and temperature changes.  Text ‘dbnow’ to 41411 to download DailyBreath today.

Authored by Eric Klos, CEO, HEALTHeWeather, and innovator of DailyBreath, a ‘Waze’ for Asthma, helping others avoid asthma attacks.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, or are a caregiver of one who does, please TEXT ‘dbnow’ to 41411 to download DailyBreath from the Apple iTunes App store. If you are an Android user, sign up here to receive the Android version when it becomes available in the future.