October 30th – Following participation at the USAsthma Summit and the ACAAI Annual Meeting last week, the urgent need for DailyBreath is apparent.  Even though this time of the year is not the busiest season for allergies, getting DailyBreath out to allergy and asthma sufferers now will allow them to kick the tires as it were.

A governing idea as I sought to bring DailyBreath to market is don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  It’s very use is the experiment that helps us refine the product to meet the needs of allergy and asthma sufferers, project the vision for environmental factors tracking with respect to respiratory health, and begin to envision how it fits within the framework of asthma management, and, ultimately, within the clinical practice of respiratory medicine.

While we accumulate early feedback from users, we’ll incorporate all of this into our plan for bringing additional functionality to our existing app, developing a Premium/Enterprise version to support more effective asthma management, and expand the integration of our API into other solutions in the marketplace.  We’ll be ready when the more active allergy season returns in late February/early March.

HEALTHeWeather is the 1st company totally focused on the direct convergence of Health and Weather.  All that we do is aimed at supporting patients based on the potential daily and incidental impacts of the weather and the environment on their health.  Climate/weather and respiratory health is not going away.  Every day and after extreme weather events respiratory patients are going to continue to be impacted by environmental factors so it’s time to start the journey towards personalized health management based on your triggers.

The exposures proliferate, our susceptibility is uncertain, and in the absence of any clear knowledge our preventative efforts are a shotgun approach to preventing asthma attacks.  Tools like DailyBreath are emerging to track exposures; from citizen science to track air quality to trigger tracking to crowdsourcing flare-ups.

Climate scientists, environmental health specialists, public health officials, technologists, and medical practitioners are gathering in Asheville, NC on November 9th to discuss climate and respiratory health.  Besides discuss the climate science, we’ll preview the technology emerging to support climate and respiratory health.  We’ll also assess data gaps and challenges as well as brainstorm pilot ideas to advance the cause.  Please consider joining us.

Our goal is to raise the visibility of these issues and prepare ourselves over the next several months to seize the opportunity to ensure that even one life breathes easier during the next allergy season, by patients being location aware, weather informed, and health prepared, so we reduce asthma attacks, ER visits, inpatient hospital stays, and perhaps, save a life.

Authored by Eric Klos, CEO, HEALTHeWeather, and innovator of DailyBreath, a service delivered via a mobile app that provides a daily personalized health weather forecast and dynamic flare-up tracking for allergy and asthma sufferers.  DailyBreath is a project in the AMIA Pitch IT Competition. Please like or follow to support the project.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, or are a caregiver of one who does, please TEXT ‘DBnow’ to 41411 to download DailyBreath from the Apple iTunes App store.If you are an Android user, sign up here to receive the Android version when it becomes available in the future.