June 21, 2018 – Asheville, NC – With the official start of summer this morning at 6:07am, HEALTHeWeather is launching our product landing page for DailyBreath.  As much of the country experiences hot temperatures and high humidity, converging with air pollution and pollen to create risky conditions for asthma sufferers, we are bringing a new approach to managing this risk.

Too many asthma sufferers believe they are at the mercy of the weather and the environment.  Too many are uncertain of the day’s outdoor conditions that may impact their asthma. Too many are unprepared for the unintended consequences of not being informed, aware, and empowered.  And, far too many of them are experiencing needless suffering when they should be empowered to prevent most asthma attacks, and certainly those that result in an emergency.

Changing behavior is hard.  Most people, especially those who are vulnerable to air pollution or pollen, check the weather, with the day’s air quality index (AQI), and pollen count every day.  Knowing the weather, AQI, and pollen count is expected to be sufficient for asthma sufferers to avoid asthma attacks.  With 30,000 asthma attacks, leading to 5000 ER visits, resulting in 1000 hospital stays in the US every day, it’s not clear that is the case.  This approach to environmental health has been the norm for the past 50 years plus.

Our approach to date has been to use the available measurement data in a distributed public health model that conveys exposure data as impactful to populations.  This distribution of exposure data then conveys that everyone is affected in the same manner to the exposure.  Tracking exposure measurement and translating that into prevailing risk for all consumers and/or patient populations in a specific location, does not accommodate the individual sensitivity to exposures of each person.  Each asthma patient is individually susceptible to a given set of weather and environmental conditions.

How do we help asthma sufferers produce better health outcomes individually, and collectively?  By implementing a Learning System for Triggers.  By creating a platform that tracks asthma attacks, we’re creating a peer producing framework for learning the when, where, and what of asthma triggers, so that all stakeholders can benefit while the patient themselves are aiding in the development of their own personalized risk index.

To change the way an asthma patient perceives weather, air pollution, and pollen forecasting, we’ve introduced the DailyBreath Forecast.   The DailyBreath Forecast is the result of this learning system of triggers.  Our goal is ultimately to provide asthma patients with their own personalized DailyBreath Forecast, a forecast aimed at producing better health outcomes for asthma patients; less symptoms, less attacks, less ER visits, less costs, less burden.

If you have asthma, wouldn’t you want to learn your DailyBreath Forecast before you start your day?  Text ‘DBNOW’ to 41411 to receive a return text link directly to the DailyBreath download page.  Download the beta version of DailyBreath today and start your journey towards learning your triggers to know your risk to avoid symptoms.

Authored by Eric Klos, CEO, HEALTHeWeather, and innovator of DailyBreath, which helps others avoid asthma attacks. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, or are a caregiver of one who does, please TEXT ‘dbnow’ to 41411 to download DailyBreath from the Apple iTunes App store. If you are an Android user, sign up here to receive the Android version when it becomes available in the future.