May 1, 2018 – Asheville, NC – May is National Asthma Awareness Month. Today is World Asthma Day.   60% of adults and 90% of children with asthma have allergies. Unfortunately, 40% of those with allergies have never been tested to determine their predominant allergens.  Every allergy season is different, in part, because of ever-changing weather conditions.  This year is no different.

Recent reports have speculated that, because of a colder than normal spring with later snow events in much of the country, much of the grass, tree, and flower growth often expected to start earlier in the spring is now being compressed into a massive burst as the temperatures warm first in late April and now here in early May.  For many of you that just confirms what you already knew based on the presence of that yellow pollen dust on your car in the last several days

What will this massive burst be like for allergic asthma sufferers?  It’s a good question.  How will we know if more people experience triggers this spring than in previous years?  Well, if we had a learning system for triggers, we might begin to understand these issues for the broad population of asthma sufferers as well as individual patients.

We just don’t know a lot about the weather and environmental exposure impacts on patient health or the healthcare system.  Of the 30,000 asthma attacks, leading to 5000 ER visits, resulting in 1000 hospital stays, which are a result of these exposures, and what type?  Do asthma patients have more asthma attacks on hot days, windy days, rainy days?  How susceptible is the asthma sufferer to an asthma attack on a day when the AQI is 1?

This is the journey we’re starting with DailyBreath.  Environmental factors are a determinant of health for asthma patients.  To what extent?  We don’t know what we don’t know.  What better time to start finding out than this spring allergy season, during National Asthma Awareness Month.  So, download DailyBreath by texting ‘DBNOW’ to 41411 and join a community of users that are contributing to the DailyBreath Learning System for Triggers.  For many asthma sufferers, it may be a matter of life and breath.

Authored by Eric Klos, CEO, HEALTHeWeather, and innovator of DailyBreath, which helps others avoid asthma attacks. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, or are a caregiver of one who does, please TEXT ‘dbnow’ to 41411 to download DailyBreath from the Apple iTunes App store. If you are an Android user, sign up here to receive the Android version when it becomes available in the future.